Everything You Need to Know About REGYMEN!

Updated: Feb 7

Hello, and welcome to our #fitfam. We are so excited you have decided to join our community. REGYMEN is an exciting way to reach any fitness goal you may have, and our coaches are there to make sure it is FUN!

This post will provide detailed information about our studio regarding accountability fees, how to take care of your heart-rate monitor, the wait list and more. If you have any additional questions please email, regymen@bluewaterfitness.net .

Late Cancel/ Absent:

In hopes to hold our members accountable and ensure all 18 slots are accounted for, Regymen fitness has a $15 fee for anyone who is absent or cancels their reservation within a 12 hour window of their workout.

If you have a special reason as to why you were absent/had to cancel email Regymen@bluewaterfitness.net . Additionally, if you are 5 minutes late to your workout you will not be able enter the studio and it will be treated as an absence. This will ensure that the coach has optimal time to get the members properly warmed up and timing is not disturbed. Please understand these parameters were instated to help our members receive the most value out of their membership.

Heart Rate Monitors:

The monitors require the CR2032 battery type. We sometimes notice that lower quality batteries may not last as long. We also recommend a few things to improve data:

1. Disconnect the strap from the pod when you are not using the monitor - this will preserve monitor and battery life.

2. Make sure pod is up-right. There should be a L and R on the back of our monitors.

3. Make sure strap is damp before use. This happens naturally with sweat, but does improve the HR reading if you wet the strap before your workout.

4. Make sure monitor is snug and in the correct position. Some body types have difficulty finding the optimal position.


When you are placed in the workout off of the wait list, you will receive a text message letting you know you have been placed in the workout and asking you to respond with a "Y" to confirm, or an "N" to cancel free of charge. Please be sure to answer the text message that is sent to you. If you do not answer the text message, we will assume you are coming to the workout.

If you have any additional questions please email regymen@bluewaterfitness.net !

We look forward to seeing you at the Studio!



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