Bluewater Strength

To learn more about our new strength program, click on the button below and one of the strength coaches will be in-touch with you!  Or stop by the Hospitality Desk to schedule your complimentary workout!

What is Bluewater Strength?

Bluewater Strength is a coach-led strength and conditioning program that encompasses many different types of training regimens to include weight training, high intensity interval training, functional training, and variations of pushing and pulling exercises with bodyweight.

More than a workout routine, Bluewater Strength is a lifestyle that encourages a gathering place for health conscious people of varied fitness levels and ages who cheer on each other and build each other up while performing the same kind of workout. This community approach strives to bring together young adults performing highly skilled lifts, grandfathers climbing ropes, grandmothers lifting weights, and mothers performing pull-ups all within the same walls of a supportive and encouraging class environment. We promise a camaraderie that everyone will truly enjoy!


For Strength updates and announcements, please follow :  Bluewater Strength or message Yumi, our head Strength Coach, with any inquiries or questions.

BW Strength for Teens

Bluewater Fitness also offers a Strength workout program for 11-17 year olds.  Please message BW Strength on Facebook (linked above) or stop by our Hospitality Desk to inquire about the teen strength program for kids and pricing options for these workouts.
Fall 2019 Schedule
   12-17 year olds :  Monday & Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm
*Fall schedule begins on August 12!
$10/class for BWF members
$15/class for non-BWF members


Monday: 5AM , 9AM, 10AM, 5PM

Tuesday: 5AM , 9AM, 10AM, 5PM

Wednesday: 5AM , 9AM, 10AM, 5PM

Thursday: 5AM , 9AM, 10AM, 5PM

Friday: 5AM , 9AM , 10AM

Saturday: 8:30AM

** Sign up for classes via the Bluewater Fitness app**


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